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High Quality OBD2 Tools

Jaguar X Types best scanner: Foxwell NT680 Lite/ NT614 Pro

There are often requests about the best code readers for the Jaguar X Types. I've had a few of the cheap wifi plug-in feeding my mobile phone freeby programs but unsurprisingly not very impressed.
I decided to buy something a bit more versatile and invested in a multi language Foxwell NT614 Pro scanner (My friend tested Foxwell NT680 Lite is working too) which would cover the Jaguar, Peugeot (OBD1) and Audi brands, all the cars I have.

foxwell NT680 lite

It arrived today and what a piece of kit it is! It took me about 5 mins to program it to the Jag and locate the MIL light problem with my car. Bank1 upstream O2 sensor.

The scanner is a 4 System unit - Reading and clearing codes and turning off MILs for engine, transmission, ABS and Airbag systems.

It shows live data while driving in both text and advanced graphs and will merge 2 graphs making comparisons easy.

It reads and clears freeze frame data which can be printed out at home and even supports the Oil Service reset and electronic park brake service function vehicles. Altogether it covers 52 vehicle manufacturers including Aston Martin, Ferarri and Rolls Royce. It also tests the ECU and will run some pretty heavy tests on many sensors and switches.

Even an idiot like me found it ridulously easy to use as it is so simple and logical.

It comes with free for lifetime updates, the car data cable, a USB cable to view saved data on it when plugged into a laptop, a large capacity SD card and even an SD card reader for USB port in case your computer doesn't have its own card reader slot.

For me, 120 quid was worth every penny and as many people here end up replacing several parts on their cars without curring their fault it seems a bargain.

I have no connections to Foxwell and wrote this up as a personal appraisal purely for those who want a code reader/scanner that really works!



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